Saia Secure Employee Login Guide at

This article is about the Saia Secure Employee Login. We shall be teaching you how to Login into the SAIA Employee Information Center. We also also give you a brief overview of SAIAS as a company and their business modality.

Thereafter, we shall introduce you to the benefits and perks available to Saia Employees. This is article is going to be short yet very rich to offer you all you need.

Saia Secure Employee Login Guide

The Saia Secure Employee portal is designed as an information center for workers at Saia Company. It is an online portal where employees at Saia see see their work informations and benefits.

Briefly in this article, we shall be taking you through a STEP BY STEP guide on how to login to your account. Kindly follow the guides below to access your account.

Step One

  1.  On your internet enabled device, visit the Employee Information Center at
  2. At this point, you will be at the official Employer Login Page.

For reference purpose, kindly look at the image below to see the sample of the login page and the informations you are required to provide. Thereafter, proceed to step two to continue!

Saia Secure Employee Login

Step Two

  1.  At the Employee Official Login page, kindly enter the following login credentials in the appropriate spaces provided.
    1. Your Employee User ID or Username
    2. Your Account Password
  2. Finally click on the white Sign in Box to proceed to your information center.
  3. If you correctly entered your details, you should be in your Account page.

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How to Rest your Saia Employee Login Password

It is common and normal for persons to forget or lose their login details. In the same way, the Saia Secure Employee Login Portal has offered a convenient way to recover your password in case an employer forgets them.

If you happen to forget your password, kindly follow the guide below to recover your login details.

  1. Visit the Login page as shown above
  2.  Scroll down the Login Page and click on the Forgot your password? link
  3. You will be redirected to a password reset page.
  4. At the password reset page, kindly provide the following to help reset your password
    • Enter your employee # and
    • Social Security Number (SSN)
  5. After entering your employee # and SSN in the appropriate spaces provided, kindly click on the EMAIL PASSOWRD link to proceed.
  6. Thereafter, you will receive an email with your password within the couple of minutes.

See the image below for guides and reference on how to reset your Saia Secure Employee Login Password.

Saia Secure Employee password reset page


  • The Password will be sent to the external email address you have on your Employee file.
  • However, if you did not provide an external email address, the email will go to your company email address.
  • Lastly if you do not have either email address, kindly contact call your payroll coordinator for further assistance.

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Employee Benefits at Saia LTL Freight

At Saia LTL Freight, eligible employees enjoys several benefits and perks. In this article, we shall let you know some of the perks and benefits available for employees.

The essence of this perks and benefits are to provides employees at Saia the opportunity and environment to continue grow as individual and as a team to grow.  Below are the benefits

  1. Competitive Compensation for every Employees to keep them up and doing.
  2. Sais provides one of the most comprehensive Health, Rx, Dental care and Vision Benefits to her employees.
  3. Paid Vacation and Paid Holidays Relaxation benefits
  4. The company offers various kinds of paid leaves such as Bereavement Leave and Jury Duty Leave. etc.
  5. Saia also offers Company-paid Life Insurance for their employees to carter for unforeseen and unfortunate times.
  6. The Company supports many Employee Assistance and Educational Scholarships Program.

The above list are just but a few of the the numerous benefits enjoyed by Employees at Saia LTL Freight.

About Saia LTL Freight

About saia company

Saia LTL offers non-asset truckload and third party logistics service with over 176 terminals in the United States. Founded in the 1924, the company uses her wealth of experience to provide top notch services that keeps her clients stuck with them.

With over 11,000+ employees the average employee tenure at Saia is eight years. This almost twice the national average in the United States. Important to note is that Saia takes care and supports their employees. Perhaps that is why more than 300 employees have been working with Saia for more than twenty years and counting.

Conclusion on the Saia Secure Employee Login Guide

We began this article with a promise to teach you about Saia Secure Employee Login Guide and Employees Benefits at Saia LTL Freight. We also promised to give you an overview of Saia LTL Freight as which includes what you need to know about the company.

This article also contained pictures on every step to help us understand this article better. Having don all this, It is therefore our believe that we have successfully fulfilled our promises.

Conclusively, we would love to appreciate you for reading this article up tp this point. Let us also let you know that love to hear your feedbacks, questions and contributions concerning this article.

If you have any, kindly use the comment section below to share your view.

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