Lifeforce Membership – All You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a way to optimize your health and performance, you might be interested in Lifeforce Membership. Lifeforce is a health optimization platform that uses cutting-edge technology and personalized medicine to help you track your body and reach your peak.

What is Lifeforce Membership?

Lifeforce Membership is a subscription-based service that provides you with everything you need to understand your body and stay at your peak. It includes:

– Quarterly blood testing, written clinical summaries, and telehealth reviews to track progress and refine the program
– Personal analytics and lifestyle coaching via the member’s portal
– Unlimited ongoing access to the medical team and your health coach
– 20% off discount on the full range of nutraceuticals, plus early access to new products
– Access to members-only hormone optimization and peptides

How does Lifeforce Membership work?

Lifeforce Membership works in four simple steps:

1. Measure your baseline: Begin your journey with an at-home blood test that measures the 40+ biomarkers that drive your mental and physical performance. Then review your results with a Lifeforce medical doctor.
2. Start your membership: Kick off your Lifeforce Membership to get everything you need to power your peak, all in one trusted, convenient place. Your customized plan, written by a Lifeforce medical doctor, will include any recommended nutraceuticals, hormone optimization and peptides, and lifestyle changes — all based on your biology and goals.
3. Track your progress: Re-test your biomarkers every three months to track what’s changed, what’s improved, and what needs work. Your body is continuously evolving, and we’ll rigorously monitor each shift, big and small, so we can take action and keep you in your best state.
4. Review and recalibrate: Together, we’ll review your results and fine-tune your program so you’re always making progress toward your goals. This is not a ‘one and done’ process — we’ll make sure the plan you’re on is continuously working for you.

Why choose Lifeforce Membership?

Lifeforce Membership is not just another wellness app or supplement company. It’s a single, integrated system for feeling, looking, and performing at your best now and for the future. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Lifeforce Membership:

– You get expert clinical support from experienced medical doctors, board-certified in functional medicine, endocrinology, and performance-based medicine.
– You get access to exclusive hormones and peptides that can help you feel like you, but better. These are only available to members and are prescribed by the medical team based on your needs and goals.
– You get a personal health coach who can provide you with updates on the latest longevity research, tips on how to get the most from your program, and an accountability partner that keeps you on track to achieve your goals.
– You get access to exclusive Lifeforce discounts on high-quality nutraceuticals that can support your health and performance.

How much does Lifeforce Membership cost?

Lifeforce Membership starts at $349 for an initial baseline assessment and $129 per month for membership thereafter. This includes all the features mentioned above, plus free shipping on all orders.

How can I join Lifeforce Membership?

To join Lifeforce Membership, you first need to complete the Lifeforce Diagnostic, which measures 25+ biomarkers that drive performance. This will help us understand your current state of health and create a personalized plan for you.

You can order the Lifeforce Diagnostic online at Once you receive your kit, follow the instructions to collect your blood sample and mail it back to us. We’ll analyze your sample in our CLIA-certified lab and send you a detailed report within 10 days.

Then, you’ll have a telehealth consultation with a Lifeforce medical doctor who will review your results with you and prescribe a customized plan for you. You’ll also get access to the member’s portal where you can view your data, order products, chat with your health coach, and more.

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Conclusion on the Lifeforce Membership

After that, you can start enjoying all the benefits of Lifeforce Membership and begin your journey to optimal health and performance.

Ready to join Lifeforce Membership?

If you’re ready to join Lifeforce Membership and take charge of your health and performance, visit today. You’ll be one step closer to living at your best.